Customize: 64 options + 5 custom Links, Infinite scrolling or Jump pagination available
Ups: VERY customizable! All colors and fonts are customizable. Can Hold lots of Pages and Links without clutter. 

Mana is my third  theme available. This theme is my first with two side bars. The Left Sidebar is where the Archive, Home, and Credits Buttons, as well as the optional Ask & Submit buttons are. On the right hand side, When you hover over your profile picture, The optional RSS links and custom links appear. This makes for a great way to have many links on your blog in an organized manner.

For info on adding or removing custom links, click here.

When using this theme, please remember:     

♚ my themes are all customizable   
♚ Please read read the Terms of Use before using my code
♚ Follow the theme’s blog for any updates

Latest code update: ver 1.0

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